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Vestibular Rehabilitation Services

Did you know:

  • Dizziness is the third most common symptom reported in outpatient clinics.
  • It is the number one reason for visiting the doctor after age 75.
  • Dizziness is a major risk factor for falls in older adults.
  • "Vestibular asymmetry" is associated with fall-related fractures.

Physical Therapy can address dizziness and imbalance that can occur within all age groups. Balance is controlled by vision, somatosensory system, and your vestibular system. The vestibular system senses both acceleration and the position of your head, which gives your body an awareness of where it is in space. Any disruption in your vestibular system can lead to dizziness or a sensation that you are moving when you are not.

Vestibular Disorders

  1. Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) is one of the most common types of vertigo. It is provoked changes in head position, such as rolling over in bed, looking up, bending over, and sitting up.
  2. Peripheral Vestibular Disorders
  3. Central Vestibular Disorders


  • BPPV can be treated with a simple maneuver that is easily performed in the clinic. The maneuver is successful in 90% of the cases and results in a near immediate cure from the disorder.
  • Peripheral Vestibular Disorders and Central Vestibular Disorders can be treated through specific exercises.
  • If you or someone you know experience one or more of the following symptoms: dizziness, vertigo, light-headedness, imbalance, falls, make sure to talk to your physician. You may be a candidate for vestibular rehabilitation.

Amanda Beal, DPT, COMT has completed specialized coursework in vestibular rehabilitation. She will perform an extensive evaluation and develop a treatment program specifically tailored to fit your needs and address your deficits during a one-on-one treatment sessions.